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CrossFit AOP

Complete the Workout of the Day (WOD) with the best equipment and community in the area


Are you bored at the gym? Are you tired of the same routine? Are you not getting results? Come join us to learn how exhilarating and enjoyable CrossFit in Pensacola can be! This revolutionary workout method is utilized by numerous branches of the military for its exceptional effectiveness and strength building results. One of the greatest aspects of CrossFit training is its scalability. Whether you are already in great shape or need a lot of work, your CrossFit routine can be tailored to fit your condition, abilities and goals.

Your first CrossFit Work at CrossFit AOP is FREE!

is comprised of a never-ending variety of workouts consisting of everyday movements at a pace and intensity you push to achieve. We are so confident you will enjoy your CrossFit training at our Pensacola fitness center that your first session at CrossFit AOP is FREE. This safe, effective and short workout is great for everyone, especially for working professionals or other individuals with little time to spend at the gym. 

    • Safe & Effective
    • Short Workouts
    • Endless Variety
    • Scalable to Any Level
    • Challenging


    • Improve Health & Wellness
    • Build Lean Muscle
    • Enhance Agility & Conditioning
    • Increase Strength
    • Burn Fat
    • Achieve Fitness Goals
    • Fun

CrossFit AOP in Pensacola is for Everyone!

I am proud to be a member of this gym.  From day one, both staff and other members have gone out of their way to welcome me.  Staff are motivating and knowledgeable; they help each person find their own best each day.  If you walk through the door, you will get a good workout and leave a good bit of sweat behind.  I highly recommend anyone looking for a great workout to come check out AOP!

-Sandie K.

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CrossFitAOP in Pensacola

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Why Do You CrossFit?

Stefan Chamlis - For that feeling at the end of a WOD when just gotta go lie down and make a sweat angel.

Russell White - It's an addiction! Walk in see the WOD and get that feeling that you don't want to do it! Then when it's over you're like heck yeah that was great! Makes you push yourself every time!

MaryTaylor Mills - For the competition between myself and others, and the competition between my mind and body! AND the bond I gain with fellow athletes. 

Rusty Ross - So I can finally get to the day when a burpee hates me.

Fred Malpica - To build the mental strength to tell my body " I am King; you shall do what I say!"

Shannon Marsh - To try my hardest to beat the boys.  

Anna Fair - For the "Coop-atition" (seriously, where else do you try so hard to beat people while simultaneously cheering them on??) and being totally comfortable trying on swimwear in January!  

Brittany Foster - So I can do things I never thought I was capable of..and then some.