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Oh I never thought I would love CrossFit it as much as I do, being an endurance runner but these guys modify my workouts to enhance my sport. The best part is that I can work out while a kid's CrossFit class is taking place and my girls are loving it so much. They really love their teacher and she can make them do things I never could! I love this place!
Cherie E. Pensacola, FL

The place to workout! I'm not from the area, but was looking for a legit gym to train at for the month while here for work. It's a CrossFit/performance gym with lots of class start times, super-friendly staff, and a great group of people who workout here. If you're serious about fitness, you'll come here! I'm sure this is the best gym in Pensacola. Check it out!
Luke M. Tuscon, AZ

Everyone here is amazingly supportive. This box is great for all people wanting to make a positive change. Joe and staff are the best!
Cassie M. Pensacola, FL

I did a week drop in while here on vacation, and I loved it! Everyone was super friendly and made me feel welcome! I will definitely be back next summer! :)
Haley H. Harrisburg, MO

Great CrossFit center for both beginners and veteran CrossFitters. Large, fully equipped facility with great trainers and time slots convenient for even the busiest schedules. This place will definitely motivate you to get fit!
Lynne-Marie A, Pensacola, FL

Amazing place to workout where you can surround yourself with people who motivate you to do your best. Highly recommend this gym to anyone who wants a challenging and fun workout experience. 
Amanda C. Pensacola, FL

This place is awesome. After trying it out for free for a week, I decided to join full time. The staff is all super friendly, and also does a good job of motivating you to give the workouts your all. I have been to most of the CrossFit facilities in the area and this one is hands down the best. Plenty of space, top of the line equipment to do almost any exercise you can think of, and all the eucalyptus infused hand chalk you will ever need. Seriously, check this place out. You won't regret it.
Eric K. Pensacola, FL

After being in 3 deployment locations in the past year for the Air Force (Pensacola, Florida/Central Coast California/Cheyenne, Wyoming), I can still say out of all the gyms I've been to this place is still my favorite for the sense of community with the athletes, the amazingly talented coaches who perform the workouts with you, and the variety of exercises exexuted. I miss y'all tremendously and hope to see all of y'all soon!
Chase S. Cheyenne, WY

I sure have missed having a coach to push me past the limits I have set for myself. Thanks Alpha Omega for pushing me beyond my limits. 
Sharon L. Pensacola, FL

Love, Love, Love - I travel from Milton just to go to AOP. Love the music, atmosphere, and people. Does not feel like a workout until you are sore the next day. My hour workouts have never gone by so fast. They have also been great about me bringing my daughter, who has only been once but at least I do not have to miss a workout just because I do not have a sitter. It will be tough to visit another CrossFit facility once we move. They really set the bar!
Camille F. Milton, FL

I couldn't be more in love with AOP! My girlfriends and I tried it on a whim and within one week, we were CrossFit junkies. True beginners, we are treated with the perfect amount of PUSH and patience. I am a 34-year-old, mother of two (both under 5). I work FT and am a military spouse who is also in school FT. If ever it were justified to use the "I have NO time to work out" excuse...I totally could! However, I have missed feeling strong and healthy and after 2 years of various medical issues and 3 years of pregnancy and post-baby body...I NEEDED to get back into a fitness routine. AOP offers a schedule that can fit any busy lifestyle. They respect that we are all different but have the same goal and take the time to help us find out what we are capable of using safe and constructive instruction. So thankful for the AOP family.
Tamara M. Pensacola, FL

I spent a month in Pensacola for business and decided to join Alpha Omega after hearing some great things about the coaches. I don't want to leave! The coaches are very helpful and friendly and the gym is roomy and clean. I recommend this box to anyone interested in obtaining their fitness goals! 
Megan C. Colorado Springs, CO

I have fallen in love with AOP since I first came here on January 2nd. I love the atmosphere and people who work here and go here. I want to push myself harder everyday because of the encouragement from the person next to me.  The individual attention and knowledge of members by the instructors impress me the most. They are friendly, kind, but know when to push you. I recommend AOP for anyone who is ready to make a change in his or her life, a change for the better. 
Nolan I. Pensacola, FL

Great facility and wonderful staff! 
Donovan W. Gulf Breeze, FL

Big League Place hands down! 
Vince S. Pensacola, FL

Excellent place to workout! 
Russell W. Gulf Breeze, FL

Great motivation! You just got to go!! Joe is always smiling too! Go see for yourself.
Mary C. Gulf Breeze, FL

Alpha Omega Sports Performance and CrossFit AOP has an amazing facility. I was WOWed as soon as I walked in the door. The only thing superior to the facility is the team of professionals working there. The constant variety of workouts never leaves me bored and I always have fun. 
Joe B. Boston, MA

This place is a dream come true. I have never felt more comfortable in a gym. 
Rusty R. Pensacola, FL

Love this place!! The gym is HUGE and I have been more than impressed with my results after two months. I was very intimidated of weight lifting, but the coaches here are friendly and you actually get a good bit of personal attention in the classes, which have helped me quickly improve. EVERYONE should give CrossFit a chance!! 
Amanda B. Boston, MA

What an incredible training facility! Awesome trainers and they have every piece of CrossFit training equipment you can dream. The energy and atmosphere makes me look forward to going everyday. 
Paul W. Pensacola, FL

If you ever thought about doing crossfit this is the place to go!!!!!
Carol C. Pensacola, FL